Saturday, March 5, 2016

BB&T YMCA Corporate Cup 5k

My marathon build up is in its final two weeks, and my marathon training plan called for one final tune up race.

After looking around the local races, I settled on our local BB&T YMCA Corporate Cup 5k. The course was familiar to me to so there would be no real surprises. The drive time is a mere 15 minutes from my house so there was no excuse there. The Uptown Y would be open so I have restrooms available and post race, I’d have a place to take a shower. Heck, I was hard pressed to find any reason not to run it.

Fast forwarding to this morning, I settle into a nice spot on the starting line. Surprisingly, other than Steve and Sophia there are not many familiar faces in the crowd.

The first mile is fast so there are plenty of runners looking to take advantage of it. By the time, we turn right on West Blvd, only the lead woman and lead man are ahead of me. I pass her heading down West Bld.  As I am passing, I recognize her from the Cupid Cup 5k.

I turned right on Tryon, and then left on Park Rd. Tryon is slightly up hill during this section but Park Rd. is all downhill.

I take a right on Mint Street, and it is an uphill climb until we near Morehead. Passing by Panther's Stadium, my legs are starting to tie up. It is colder than I expected. My hands feel numb. I know Meg is close behind. I don’t know who else. I don’t want to look.

Right on 3rd street is a rough. There is construction narrowing the road, and the traffic is still going up 3rd street. That's unexpected.

There is no choice but to cross over in front the moving traffic. We are both going up 3rd street but I need to go another block. All of the traffic has to turn right one block early.

Finally, I am clear of the traffic. I wish my legs had another gear. Rounding the corner, the finish line is right there. No time left to sprint. Crossing, I am done.

17:54, 5:36, 5:42, 5:44, and 49 for the last 10th were my splits. Finishing 2nd overall netted me this nice thermal steel jar with the YMCA race logo on it.

Not sure where I will use it, but I find something to do with it.

Overall, having a bit more turnover in my legs would be nice. Over the coming months, this needs to be a priority in my training. My running todo list never ends.

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