Friday, March 4, 2016

Hand Warmers.

There are some situations that seem funny when you think about. Here’s hoping it sounds as funny to you as it did to me.

To set the scene, here’s how it all started.

So last night, my daughter had her first soccer game of the season. With the wind blowing and the drizzle was settling over Charlotte. It was pretty miserable being outside.

She was cold, and it wasn’t hard to tell. Her sleeves were pulled down over her hands, and she was shaking.

A couple of weeks ago, while in Walmart, I purchased a pack of hand warmers and dropped them in the back of my car.

Given the conditions, it was a good time to break them out. I know she would appreciate it.

Digging through the back of my car, I found the package. Looking at it my closely, well more closely than I did while in the store, I realized this was a 3 pack of hand warmers.

Long ago, I remember someone telling to never assume anything. I still find myself being burned by this saying.

Anyway, I tore open the first of the 3 sub packages expecting to find two hand warmers. Ugh, okay, no, it was 2 hand warmers, it was only one. I tore open the 2nd package. It too had only one hand warmer.

Apparently, a 3 pack of hand warmers literally means 3 hand warmers.

This is the humorous part for me. I mean – why would anyone need 3 hand warmers. The last I check the default number of hands on most human beings was 2. Okay, there are some with 1, but I am getting off topic.
May be there is some yet unknown and unrecognized group of humans that have 3 hands. Or maybe the 3rd hand warmer is so you have a spare. Or maybe, it is for a friend that you only want keep half warm. LOL. Quite possibly, it is the company’s way of enticing customers to buy two packs. I mean now that I know that there “really” 3 hand warmers, I do need to buy two packs.

May be I am getting to old to fully appreciate the need for a 3 pack over a need for a 4 pack.

But the more I thought about it, the funny it seemed to me so I had to share.
Havea great weekend.

The Cool Down Runner.






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