Saturday, January 2, 2016

Picking up a penny

Ever wish you hadn’t done something after it turned out differently than you expected? Yep, I have. Actually, an example happened to me just yesterday.

I was running along feel pretty good about myself. With less than half mile to go, I noticed a penny resting on the ground. Never one to pass a heads up penny, I stopped and picked it up.

As I fumbling to put the penny in to shorts pocket, I wasn’t watching where my next stride was going. I couldn’t have taken more than 5 steps when I felt the pain signals were rocketed in from my foot to my brain. Short stepping my left foot and high stepping my right foot, I attempted to compensate for the pain but the damage was done. 

This isn’t the first time that I have stepped on rock. In fact, I step on them quite frequently. In this case, it was just the right side (bigger than usual) and in the wrong spot. I stepped on it right behind ball and along inside of my foot. The pain lingered on for a several hours yesterday evening. By bed time, my foot was slightly swollen around the ball joint.

This morning after my race, I pulled off my sock to examine it more closing. My foot was still slightly swollen, but wow, there was this huge bruise starting behind the ball and down the inside of my foot.

Not the outcome that I expected from picking up a heads up penny. After all, a heads up penny should provide good luck not bad. Right?

If you see a penny on the road, don’t stop. I repeat “don’t stop”. It isn't worth it.   LOL.


The Cool Down Runner

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