Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Garmin 620, the ongoing saga.

So over the last several weeks, I shared some of my struggles with my new Garmin 620. Today, I thought that I would share another one.

Out the box, the 620 already has the auto lap feature enabled.  So, on my very first run, it very nicely recorded every mile split that I ran.

Recently, I did a hard reset on it due to the battery showing 100% charged when plugged into the wall. Yet, it wasn’t 100% charged. It was even 50% charged. In fact, there wasn’t even enough battery life to keep my Garmin on longer than 30 seconds out of the cradle.  

As you can tell, there is a bit of bitterness when I think about this one.

Anyway, so back to the auto lap saga, after the hard reset, I go for run. I pass by the mile point. Nothing happens. Meaning, it doesn’t pop up an alert showing my mile split.

Going through the watch settings, I see that the auto lap is one. I check a bunch of different things. Over the course of several runs, I still haven’t figured it out.

Finally, I am wondering down the through the various sub levels of the settings on my Garmin, and I stumbled across the auto lap distance. Interesting, I hadn’t looked here so I selected it.

What I saw next left me scratching my head.  

 The default mile split was 99.9 miles. Now, for every other Garmin that I have owned I seem to remember them all defaulting to 1 mile.

Why one would default the auto lap mile to 99.9 mile is beyond me. How many runners will ever hit 99.9 miles in one run? It is a pretty small group.

By the way, I have come to think of my Garmin 620 as a box of cracker-jacks. Every day there is some new surprise for me.


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