Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good but not great

Between the 19th of December and the 16th of January so roughly in a 4 week period, I put together 3 decent but not great events for myself.
The first was a trail marathon which was close to 28 miles near Hoffman, NC. I ran this one in 3 hours and 34 minutes. Two weeks later, I was in Winston Salem for the 25k of the Frosty 50k where I ran 1:41. Ending up my trail running winter break was the Charlotte Running Company 13 mile trail race at the White Water Center on the 16th.
None of the races were really spectacular for me. But then, I wasn’t really looking for spectacular. More so, I was looking for some solid building blocks to lead me in to the rest of ’16.
In full disclosure, I trained through every one of these races so we have to see what happens once I get a little more taper time.
Now that I have crested the big 5-0, taper means more than it used to. There was a time when I needed a week to bounce back. Now, it seems like it is a month.
But I am getting off topic.
Going trail running during these winter months is actually a blessing for me. Getting off the roads stresses different muscle groups. In general just doing something different to break up the monotony of pounding the roads regularly is a good thing.
I highly recommend it.
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