Friday, January 1, 2016

Flashing Lights @ the Y

Well, yesterday was the last day of ’15. Sadly, the knowledge that another year has come and gone somehow makes life seem all the more real to me. Memories were added both good ones and tough ones as is to be expected. This is what life is about. Encountering challenges make us stronger as individuals.

Anyway, that’s enough of the sappiness.

Let’s take about something else.

Being yesterday was the last day of ’15; I hit the Y for one last workout. Arriving around noon, I headed straight for my hour on the stair master. The sweat poured out from the one too many sweets that I have been enjoying. A long with the hope I was burning nearly as many calories as I have been eating.

After checking this off the list, I headed into the weight room. A couple of circuits sounded pretty good and would definitely help me feel better about myself.

I was finishing up my core workout around 5 minutes to 2. Then, someone presumable with control of an intercom system announced that the Y was closing.

Wait did I hear this right? They are closing at 2 pm. I guess so because as I looked around, the Y was nearly deserted. Why am I the last to know?

Oh, well, I guess that I will finish things up at home.

I headed downstairs to grab shower. It is maybe 3 minutes to 2pm. While I am showering, they are flashing the lights off and on. Really, I get it. The Y is closing and I am hurrying along as fast as possible. I don’t really need them to act like a kid that just learned about the light switch.

After getting dressed, I headed out of the Y. I pushed on the door to exit and realize when it doesn’t move that it is locked. Ok, so I turn toward the automatic sliding doors.

Apparently, these work differently. If you are trying to exit, they will open but the outside sensor is turned off so you cannot enter the building. Well, I guess this makes sense.

So apparently, I missed the 2pm memo. However, I got 99% of my workout done.

And, I learned something new.

The Y doesn’t fool around. When they say, they are closed; they mean it.


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