Sunday, January 24, 2016

Charlotte Running Company Trail Run

Being behind isn’t a bad thing. It just means that catching is my first order of business. For me, this means posting piece on my Charlotte Running Company Trail Run race.

For several years now, nothing but good comments has come out about this race. So much so in fact I signed up for it several weeks ago.

Taking it a step further I signed up not for the 4 or 9 miler, I signed up for the longest and toughest of the 3 races that they offered. I signed up for the 13 miler.

Considering that the previous Thursday and Friday rain covered the Charlotte area the course was expected to be nothing less than a sloppy mess. Not that I was disappointed. Getting muddy makes me feel like a kid again.

After a lap and half around the channel, we headed off into the woods.  A rude awakening it was. Immediately my feet were going in all sorts of directions. Staying up right was going to be more of a challenge that first thought with not pulling a groin or a hamstring rating a close second. However Chaz didn’t seem to have any difficulties with the course. On the first step downhill he yelled coming through and blew right by me and another guy. There was no way of matching his daringness on this day.

From there, we all started to settle and feel out the conditions. I passed a few guys and was passed by just as many.

After the south loop, we head through the power lines section. Mike was out there taking pictures. He snapped a few with of me. None were worth posting here. I looked horrible.
The lack of positive traction was also taking its toll on my legs. 95% of my energy was seemingly being spent to keep my feet underneath me.

I passed Theoden just before we hit the lake loop. Now, the lake loop is one of my favorite places to run at the White Water Center. Could I make some headway here today? The short answer is no.

The lake loop keep me spinning my wheels.

Coming out the lake loop, the 9 milers were turning for the finish. In fact, joining them sounded pretty good right about then.  I wish I could have, but no, Paul was directly us out for the last 4 miles on what was probably the toughest 4 miles of the entire course. This section is nothing but roots, rocks, and stream crossing. About the only thing it does well is put me in oxygen debt which it did rather quickly.

Scott passed by me, and Jim (new guy from Ohio) pulled in behind me. I offered to let him pass but he was more in to chatting than racing so we hiked/run the last 4 miles together.

Coming back up the hill near the end of the last 4 miles, Paul was directing us to the finish. My legs were absolutely shot. I had nothing left. I crossed the finish line and was very happy to be walking.

Those 13 miles kicked my “but” and did it in a big time way.

Would I do it again, heck yeah. I’d sign up again in a heartbeat.

How did I do? Well, I finished 7 overall in 1:19:14, and I won my age group. All things given, this day turned out pretty well.


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