Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What exercise is trending today?

Earlier this week an email arrived in my Runner's Cool Down Mile inbox.

My attention span is rather short so unless the topic sparks my interest in the first couple of lines, I will most likely delete it. Since you are now reading about it, you should likely assume that it got more of my attention.

The author asked my thoughts on the two current hot fitness trends: HIIT vs. Body Weight Workouts.

Sometimes, I shake my head as I watch people jump at the next best idea or fad. There is nothing like getting that shiny new penny.

But then again, how can I blame them for wanting to try these latest crazes.  

I am a firm believer that everyone should stay active. Yes, this is a matter of choice, and each person is allowed to make their own choices. But a long, healthy, and productive life can be linked to staying active.  

However, staying active is harder than it might seem. Human beings are easily bored with repetitive activities. Doing the same thing over and over the same way is by its very definition "insanity" at least in my opinion.

This is why I see the appeal of trends like HIIT, CrossFit, Body Weight Workouts etc. They present us with new challenges to overcome.

I find the same thing happening to myself. There are days that I head to the pool for a swim. Others times I will hit the spin class at the Y. Still others where I will take my road bike for the ride.

By mixing up these various activities my own interest in exercising continued to be stimulated.

If by getting into these trends, this gets people off their couches and out their front doors, they are better for it.

As with anything when considering a new activity, always exercise "pun intended" a certain degree of caution. You want to be around to enjoy it again tomorrow as well.


Exploring a new shiny penny,

The Cool Down Runner


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