Friday, April 10, 2015

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I’m finding that these acupuncture and laser treatments leave my hamstring pretty sore the next day but some 48 hours later this soreness seems to fade away. I guess this is how that it should be. I don’t really know. Like I posted earlier; this is all new to me. I do know one thing. My reliable old friend Mr. Ice Bag continues to do his job.

Sitting is extremely painful but after about 5 minutes of sitting on Mr. Ice Bag, the pain is actually manageable. It probably should be since my leg is pretty much numb from the cold.

Oh, well, that’s enough about Mr. Ice Bag.

I have come to accept that this month and probably the next few months will be a total loss when it comes to running. This doesn’t mean that I am just setting around doing nothing. For one thing, I am continuing with my core work and strength training. When the timing is right, I will venture back into cross training. My hope is for this to happen sometime during the mid to latter stages of May.  I will just have to see how it goes. There is fine line that I am walking here. Working my hamstring too hard too soon can prolong my recovery or it could even re-injurer it. I certainly don’t want this to happen. No, no, I definitely don't want this to happen again.


See you at the races hopefully soon,


The Cool Down Runner  


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