Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hamstring Recovery

Stepping away from the curb and into my first running stride, the nerves in my hamstring rocket signals back to my brain. Hey, something is not right. Maybe you shouldn’t go running. The hardest part is ignoring those signals and making that second stride, then the third, forth, and so on.

This is reminds me that I need to focus on my recovery right now rather training and racing. Yes, in time I am sure my hamstring will heal even if I continued to pound out the miles and do the hard workouts. It did the last time, but oh, was it painful and it was months in doing so. I attribute my lengthy recovery during that injury mostly to my own stubbornness. I continued to run lots miles and to race hard. Neither, I am sure, contributed to my hamstring having a speedy healing time.

This time around I have cut my mileage way back. There are no hard runs in my training plan and definitely no races on my schedule. Plus , guys are Performance Rehab hare helping me. I am also using the ice, massage, and stretching as much as I can.

Here’s hoping my recovery time will be measured in weeks rather than months like the last time.

Crossing fingers,

The Cool Down Runner  

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