Monday, December 2, 2013

Turkey Dash Four Miler

Thanksgiving Day saw the temperature in Charlotte dip down to 21 degrees, and with the clear skies and shining sun, the Turkey Dash 4 miler would be run with a temperature hovering just under 30 degrees by race time.

Sporting arm sleeves along with compression shorts and socks to stay warm, I was ready to run standing at the starting line.

Three guys sprinted out quickly for the first quarter mile or so. I watched as Ben settled in behind them. He pushes past them maybe a half mile into the race. I pass them just before the first mile mark. My Garmin chimes as we pass the mile. Someone ask if my Garmin was sounding the mile. I reply “Yes”, but in looking over, I see this guy dressed as a Turkey running next to me.

For some reason, I thought first mile would be mostly downhill going along on Rea Rd to Audrey Kell Rd. I make a mental note for next time– it is not.

The 5:36 first mile does not feel so bad, but I can see that Ben is expanding his lead. The Turkey and I hit the second mile in 5:51. I realize why. We are slowing down. Granted we are also climbing the hill behind the Blakeney Shopping Center. I do not feel out of breathe but my legs – especially my quads – feel really tight. The Turkey pulls a head of me on the climb. I am frustrated that my quad are feeling so tight but I am equally frustrated that I am being beation by someone dressed in a Turkey costume. The saddest part, I cannot do much about it.

Reaching the top of the hill, I try to raise my pace coming down the hill but I am having no luck. My third mile was 6:11. The reason being it is more about my legs than my lungs. Finally, I am back out on Rea Rd and heading for the finish. The Turkey is far enough in front of me that I am not going to chase him down in the final half mile.

My legs just feel totally gassed. I hit a 6:01 for the last mile and finish with a time of 24:03. This was a far cry from the 23 minutes that I hoped to run.

I finish 3rd overall and was beaten handily by a Turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

I find out that the Turkey’s name is Dan and he and his wife just recently moved to Charlotte form Colorado Springs. He is pursuing his masters’ degree and works at TrySports. Seems like a really nice guy. And,  I cannot hold a grudge.

With my yearly to-do list of running one Santa race and one Turkey Trot race checked off, I am ready to step away from racing for while and enjoy the holidays.  


Happy Holidays


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