Friday, July 5, 2013

Nothing like a nice summertime rain

I remember a couple of summers ago that Charlotte was under drought conditions. We were being asked to conserve water. Definitely watering my lawn was out of the question.  Charlotte was about a brown as it gets. I could not even seek any relief by heading to the pool. Even there, the water temperature was approaching bath water.  

Present day, I have heard nothing from the weather man this year about drought conditions. In fact, yesterday I coated myself in sun screen and headed for my run. The clouds rolled in and for two miles, I was wiping the rain from my eyes. I could hardly see the road. This was about the point I am suddenly struck with an idea. I should probably switch out my sun screen for Rain-X. Remember the substance that helps rain slide way on windshields. With the copious amounts of water being dumped on Charlotte, I need something to help shed it.

Oh, well, I guess I shouldn’t complain to much.

My grass has never been greener in July than this year.


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