Tuesday, July 30, 2013

24 x 200

This past Friday, I visited Bradley Middle School Track for a speed session. This time the session would be something a little different than my usual norm for intervals.

I would be doing a 24 x 200 with a 200 recovery.  For those that might be math challenged. This workout involved a rolling hard 200 every quarter mile for six miles.

Let me just say; the first couple miles didn’t feel that bad.  The middle miles were tough. But the last 2 miles were hard but easier at the same time.

I averaged 5:20 pace for the entire workout and finished off the last interval in 39 seconds. What is ironic about it? By running 200 meters, I was pushing my heart rate, but only for a short period of time. 200 meter is just long enough to get in some good work, but not long enough to really trigger any time of hard breathing to kick-in.

This is the first time that I ever tried a workout like this one.

But with my sluggish race performances, I am trying to kick start my leg turnover and I am hoping workouts like this one will lead me down the right path.

We will just have to see. The payoff is still a few months away.


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