Monday, July 22, 2013


Usually once and sometimes twice each marathon training cycle, I will “Bonk” during a long run. For those individuals not familiar with the term: “Bonking”, I describe it simply as running out of energy and basically wanting to walk home. Any remaining miles are made agonizing slow as one foot is barely raised and put in front of the other.

I wish I could put my finger on the exact cause. My cases seem to happen regardless of my preparation.

Take for example my long run yesterday, I was running along just fine for about 14 miles. Then, just as if someone flipped a switch I went from feeling good to barely being able to pick up my feet. My last 4 miles were hot, humid, and not fun.

I had raced the night before, and after the race I made a point to rehydrate and to eat. Then, during my long run I was drinking from my hand held water bottles and eating from my pack of “Cliff Blocks” which I was taking every 30 minutes.

I thought I had my bases covered pretty well but it still happened.

Such is the life of a runner. I push my body hard all the time and expect it to respond all of the time. I have to realize everyone needs a day off once in a while – my body included. LOL.


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