Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bailey Middle School Track - for a workout

So last Friday evening, I headed up to Bailey Middle School track for some 400 repeats. It’s been maybe two years since I last did intervals here. However, for some reason, I have certainly enjoyed getting back on the track again. I feel like I am going through a cycle.

Some training periods I prefer road workouts and others I seem to be drawn to the confines and security of the paper clip shaped oval.

My workout started with a nice warm up on the nearby soccer fields. Running off the roads is nice. Running on manicured grass is even better. Three laps around the soccer fields totals to a little more than a mile.

Time was nearly upon me for moving to the track but before leaving the awesome grassy surface, I wanted to get my legs turning over. To do this, I ran 6 x 150 yards of hard striders. Maybe it is just that I hadn’t done this in a while, but my legs felt good doing it.

With my striders complete, the time had arrived to get in to my workout: 12 x 400.

My first one was a bit sluggish:  84 seconds. The next one was in 82 seconds. Then, I started to get the feel and settle into the workout. Repeats 3 through 10 went down in either 80 or 81. The final two repeats, I knocked off in 79 and then 78.

Last fall before OBX, I ran a set of 400s in a workout and I wasn’t anywhere close to what I achieved during this workout.

I know there is some speed still left in these legs. Nurturing the turnover to the surface is hard and requires a lot of time working on it.

I just have to remember “All good results are based in hard work”.


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