Thursday, July 18, 2013

Half and Half – plus Model Rockets

I am not sure why Tuesdays always seem to get the hard running days but they do. My guess 6 x 1 mile with half recovery qualifies as a hard day at the “Running” office.

I started things off with a mile or so warm up and then 6 x 150 on grass to get the legs moving. I followed this up by moving to the track for my mile repeats.

The first thing that I noticed – a dad and his four sons were shooting off model rockets, and they had setup in the first lane on the track. I guess it was ideal for them but not for me. But I just moved on and made the best of it.

Okay, I knocked down a 5:48, 5:48, and 5:51. Each lap I was swinging out to pass their rocket layout and miss the firing of their rockets. On the last mile, I nearly ran into one of the boys because he just walked right into my path without looking.

Needless to say, I was a little frustrated. Rather than continue, I opted for a change. I would do that last three repeats as road miles so hence the title of my post “half and half”.

I ran these miles in 6:12. The combination of the changing terrain, the heat, and simply getting tired pretty kept me from doing any better.

In my last few post, I talked about using my heart monitor again. The big eye opener is the change in my max heart rate. A few years ago, my heart rate was capping out around 180. This was the point where my legs started to feel heavy and wobbly. Now, I am finding that my heart rate seems to be maximizing out 170 because this is the point where I get this same feeling. I guess this seems to be just another sign that I am getting older.

Such is life.


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