Thursday, June 6, 2013

The almost Stan’s Workout

Tuesday was week 2 of the Summer Track Series at Myers Park High School. I must say that it was a blast. There were a lot more people running this week than last week. If I recall correctly, the number of people running topped 110.

That's an amazing total when you consider this a small event with minimal advertising for it. I guess "word of mouth" still carries a lot weight among runners. At least this is how I will frame it.

Days after last week's workout, my quads and hip flex were still sore. I feel that I can expect nothing less based on how Tuesday night's workout went.

Stan told me that he was planning to run all of the events – starting with the 100. A 100 meters, it has been forever since I last ran 100 meters. Honestly, I don't even want to recall.

Jeff and I swap lanes just before the start. Whether I ran in lane one or lane seven, I don't see my time being any different. Tom shoots the gun, and everyone is tearing down the track. I mean everyone. I was last in an outstanding time of 16 seconds. Stan gets me by at least a second or two.

Next up is the mile. I hit the first lap hard and then start slow slide down hill. I finish in 5:18 which is 6 seconds better than last week. Tim is a little slow gathering the cards for the results, and I finally ask Matt to give Tim my card. The second heat of the mile is lining up.

I jump in the back and head off. Jamaar, who I have not seen in months, rockets off the front. I end up 3rd or 4th after being passed in the 100 meters. I wish I had more to give but it wasn't happening.

I am turning in my position card when I realized that there was a 3rd heat of the mile. I wasn't paying attention so I didn't realize was that Bobby and Stan had jumped in to this heat.

They both looked strong and pushed each other to the finish.

Stan's up on me by one event now so I need to get back even. Bobby says that he and Nicole want to run the 4x100 relay. I quickly tell him that I am in. We get one other person and we are set.

I don't know where we finished in the 4x100. Running the relays is always special because it is the only event where everyone works as a team.

Next up was the 400. I don't know how many heats were run but it was a lot. Stan started in lane 1 and I started in lane 2. Stan pulls even with me by the 100 and slightly ahead of me during the 200 and 300 meter sections. I had my doubts if I could catch him but coming off the 4th turn, I found another gear. I just barely got past him at the finish while running 72 seconds.

This was a cool battle to the finish and racing against Stan made it even more fun.

Following the 400, comes the 800. The previous week, I knocked out a 2:38. This week, I ran a 2:33. I am not even sure where this 2:33 came originated. It was seconds faster than I ran in the mile.

Now, it was on to the 200 before the 2 mile. Clayton and Stan joined me for the 200. I never realized these two have a lot of good leg turnover. I ran 35 seconds, and they were both well in front of me.

Finally, the few, the proud, those running the 2 mile wondered on the track. Dusk was in full swing by now, so I left the sunglasses on the side lines.

Running the 2 mile should be easy – right? I mean; it is only 8 laps but it is 8 laps tacked on to the end of an already exhausting workout. We start and the guys quickly really stretch things out in front of me.

I am feeling okay but not great. I make it through the first mile, and I am starting to gauge my effort. 4 more laps are just in front of me.

After the first lap no one passes me and I don't pass anyone else. I settle into my place and just a 100+ meters or so in front of me is Billy.

I round the last corner and run an 11:33. I walk around to let my heart slow and let my breathing catch up.

The time is getting close to nine pm. I gather up my stuff and head toward my car. I am tired, and my quads are hurting already. They didn't even wait the customary 24 to 48 hours before the onset of DOMS.

Now, I need to give my legs a few days to recovery and to think about next week. I might be doing the same plan, but next week the final event is a 5k rather than a 2 mile. I am just wondering how much into the "well" that I want to go.

To find out, come out to Summer Track next Tuesday night and find out.


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