Friday, June 21, 2013

Jim Law Track Meet

I am running a little behind in my reports because I have so much going on at the moment. However, before the details fade from my mind, I wanted to recap my efforts at the Jim Law Track meet held at UNCC on June 14, 2013.

The meet is organized by the Charlotte Flights Track & Field Club. Yes, this is the same club that also does the RFYL life events over at Myers Park. The truth be told, I didn't even know about this event until Butch told me about it the previous Tuesday. Not having any plans for Friday evening, I thought it would be great way to spend the evening. Lying in the sunshine on a grass field watching people run and getting do a little running myself. What's not to like.

Yep, this was pretty much how the evening went down.

After showing a little of my rookie stripes, I missed getting my lane assignment for the 1500. I was set. Just before the start, they listed the names of each entrant in the 1500. I have to say it was pretty nice seeing my name up in lights. I have to figure how to make it happen more often.

The gun fires and we are off. Wait! Hold up. We go maybe 20 yards and they yell fast start. What? Who false starts in the 1500? Actually, it wasn't the runners that false started. The tracking system failed to record the firing of the gun. Then after a few test firing, we were back at the line.

This time we were clean and green. I went hard right from the start. My goal was to break 5 minutes. The first lap, I was little head of pace. The second lap, I was on pace. The third lap, I was still on pace. Each lap, I could feel the strong head wind coming down the front stretch but enjoy the nice push heading down the back stretch.

I came off the last turn and was churning toward the finish. There were several people in the 1500 but I was solo in my efforts. I am trying to push to the finish but I feel my legs tying up.

Then, I hear Jay Rao yelling at me from the stands to "lift your knees". I thought I was lifting my knees but I guess not enough. The thought registers, and I start lifting my knees higher. My running feels easier. I flash across the line in 4:55 which is roughly the same pace as I ran on Tuesday night 5:12.

Next up is the 5000 in just over an hour and twenty minutes.

I spend the time lying on a towel in the infield. All the time, I switch between watching the clouds pass over head and watching the 400 hurdles and the 200.

Finally, the time comes to warm up again and to race. I am truly solo for the 5000. I have run some small races but I have never run a race solo. Running a 5000 solo is hard but strangely easier. There is no one there to push me but then there is no one there to beat me either. I run what feels comfortable and the laps click off. Mile one goes by. Then 6 laps are down and finally 10 laps are in the books.

Here's where things get a little funky. I run lap 10 which should give me 2 and ½ laps to go, but when I come by, the lap counter shows 1 lap and the guy rings the bell. According to my lap counter on my Garmin, I should have 2 more laps.

I run what they call lap 12.5 and finish in 16:33. I have to be honest with myself. I couldn't run a 16:33 even if I was being chased so I know it was their counting that was off and not my counting.

And since I am solo I keep going for another lap. More realistically I finish with a time of 17:53 which "let's be honest" is more in line with my running.

I walk for another lap and then head over to gather my stuff from the infield.

These guys do a nice job with this meet. I will definitely think about coming back next year.


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