Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Track Wk#4 (Make Up Week)

Last week, I had to travel for work so there was no way for me to get into the 4th week of Summer Track. Then, the running gods smiled down on me and rained/thundered down on everyone else last Tuesday night. They had to cancel the evening events which pushed everything back one week.

Thus, week #4 really week #5 happened on Tuesday night.

Going into the evening my real concern was that I had lost my “mojo”. After 3 weeks of Summer Track, I was starting to find my rhythm. Missing a week, I was definitely concerned that I might not have it.

Tom announced that they were run 3 heats of the mile. Awesome, then the bad news came. The first heat would be 5 minutes and under. I could have probably gotten away with running, but I know my limits. I am not running a sub 5 minute mile.

Waiting for the next heat wasn’t all that bad. I got to watch “Fam” run a 4:08 mile. I saw some great runs by Paul and Jeff. I saw a huge battle between John and Billy. All in all, it was great watching them run, but now it was my time to run.

A group of guys jumped out fast, but they slowed by the end of the first lap. I took the lead and ran as hard as I could for the next three laps. This one kid set just off my shoulder and made his move coming to the finish. He just nipped me at the line. I ran 5:13 which was just a second slower than two weeks ago.  

Still breathing hard, I started the next heat. My legs were still wobbly, but I finished in 5:45.

It took some convincing but I got Stan and Clayton to run the 400 with me. They were in the next two lanes from me. Clayton and Stan both have some speed. I was closing on Stan a little but I just couldn’t make up the stagger. He probably ran a 70 to my 71.

Riding the confidence that I hadn’t lost too much of my “mojo”, I thought I could run a sub 2:30 for the 800. I went through the 400 in 74, but couldn’t close the deal. I ended with a 2:30. Still this is respectable for me, but not what I wanted. I wanted that sub 2:30.

This was followed by the 200. Here, I am not sure why I do the 200. The hurt is over pretty quick, but since I am pretty slow at the 200, I don’t think it counts. Everyone pulls away from me. I finish with a 36 which is actually slower pacewise than I ran the 400.

Ending the evening was the 2 mile. By now, I am already feeling the heaviness in my legs and I was still breathing hard from the 200 that I had just run.

The first 2 laps were run at 6 minutes while I found my “norm”. Then, I started to feel better. The laps clicked off and I passed a few people. I finished with an 11:45. This was one of my slowest times for the Summer Track series.

As with most Tuesday nights in June, I slept well. My eyes were closed the minute that my head hit the pillow.

Big thanks to Tom D. for his efforts. However he did it, the 50 and 100 heats went by so fast that we actually were right on time for the start of the first mile heat.  

Appreciate Jeff, Stan, and Clayton for helping me through my Runner’s “Hat Trick” of events.

Next week is championship week so I have to see how it goes. If they hold the open events, I will definitely jump into as many as I can. I want to run under 2:30 if at all possible. I just need to go out faster.


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