Saturday, June 29, 2013

2nd Group Ride in a year

I always enjoy going done to the Rea Road TrySports and getting in their group rides. There are multiple groups and lots of riders. Riding in a large group is more fun but also a little more dangerous. There are more people to make a mistake and have an accident. Of course riding on open rides is inherently dangerous. Now, don’t take this as I am all doom and gloom about riding. Bigger group rides are also in my opinion easier. There is more than enough people willing to do the “yeomen” effort on the front which means I can get in a hard ride, a good workout, and come out all the better for it at the end.

Wednesday’s ride was just such a ride until the thunder, lightening, and rain rolled in around Waxhaw. We had completed the “Rehobeth” hill and were coming around the back side of Waxhaw when the rain started to pour. Before we left Waxhaw the streets soaked and the rooster tail spray from wheels were kicking up into my face.

Like I said earlier riding can be dangerous, but riding in the rain is worse. The narrow tires have nothing to grip so there is no leaning my bike going into curves. Mainly, I just like to keep it going in a straight line and when I have I have to make a turn, I take it very carefully.

I guess the group was feeling the need to push along and get to the finish. I don’t blame them at all.

However, the risk was a little more than I was ready to accept. I drifted off the back and made my way safely back to TrySports. The next day I need to run and didn’t care to be nursing any road rash from an accident.

Funny, the summer storm soaked the roads of Waxhaw, but as we neared Rea Rd the roads were dry. This crazy summer time weather means I can be in the middle of a storm one minute and riding on bone dry roads the next.

Even riding solo over the closing miles, I still averaged 19 mph in only my second group ride in nearly 2 years.

I am not sure if I am going to do their group rides every week. The every other week option seems to be working well for me now.

Take the opportunity and join in for the next TrySports group ride. Wednesday nights will be different from now on.


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