Thursday, June 13, 2013

On the Bike again

Nearly 2 years has passed since I have spent any significant time on my bike. After I pulled my hamstring in 2011 riding the bike was just too painful. However, with the weather man saying the Charlotte temperatures would be pushing in to the 90s, I really wanted to do some riding.

Last night, I ventured down for the regularly Wednesday TrySports group ride. I have ridden with these guys in the past so I know something about how the rides go and the course. I had no expectations of a great ride. I have only gone for a few really short rides and nothing hard.

Going into the ride, I thought it might be safe to ride with the "C" group, but then, I said "what the heck". Start with the "B" group and slide back to the "C" if I get dropped.

Mark kept the pace pretty solid and I drifted toward the back through the early part of the ride. Not spending much time on the bike or in a group ride, I didn't want my "rust" to cause an accident. 10 miles in to the ride sweat was running down my arms and off my helmet. Rolling along with the wind in my face on the bike felt awesome. We made the climb up to Waxhaw and I felt good. After a brief regroup at "Nicks", we hit the 2.5 mile Rehobeth hill climb. This would be my test and let me know if I still had any cycling legs. I rolled along with the guys as they were climbing. I felt good, strong, but winded. The regroup at the top was a much needed respite.

We then flew down the back side of Rehobeth and into Waxhaw. Here the group began to splitter into smaller sub groups. I got caught at a couple of lights on the way back and could never make up the distance.

There were three of us that rode back together. A nice little group where each of us was taking turns on the front.

Across the entire ride, we averaged a little over 18 mph. Not bad for my first ride group ride back.

Over the coming weeks, I am planning a few more rides and hopefully enjoy a few more of these sweltering summer evenings on my bike.

Everyone is welcome on the TrySports group rides. This includes TT bikes. They start at the Rea Rd store at 6:15. There is usually a "C" which rides around 15 to 16 mph. There's a "B" group that rides about "18". There is also a "B+" group that rides around 20+ and then there is an "A" group that rides over 23 mph.

The rides are pretty safe and the traffic is fairly light on most of the roads after 6pm.

Come out for an evening and check it out. I think the first Wednesday of each month is "Beer" night so after the ride, a frosty beverage awaits.


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