Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dried Apple Rings

Primarily my posts are on the topic of running or something very closely related to running. Occasionally I do change things up.

Being single, I do cook for myself. I like to cook but to prepare a good meal, it takes time. After running in the morning and then working all day, sometimes I just don't have the mental energy to spend another hour or more fixing a nice dinner.

On these evenings, I tend to head up the road to the Huntersville's Earth Fare. Earth Fare has a little buffet of hot foods, salads, and pizza plus some other stuff. In this health conscious society I really like the fact that they don't use any artificial ingredients in their foods.

Being an active person has made me take more active view of what I put in to my body to power it.

Aside from the quick foods that Earth Fare offers, I like to just roam through the store. They carry stuff that I just never see at Walmart, Harris Teeter, or Food Lion. For example, yesterday I picked up some dried Apple rings. I am not talking about the prepackaged in a plastic bag type that they sell at Walmart. These looked fresh and ready to eat.

I picked some up and headed for the counter. Settling into my car seat, I opened the container and took my first bite. I couldn't wait any longer.

My taste buds enjoyed the sweet taste of the dried apples as they floated across my tongue. The flavor was better than I remembered, and I wished that I had found this so much sooner.

I highly recommend just going by an Earth Fare and checking out their stores. Look for the unusual items. Switching up my diet keeps things interesting. – Just a suggestion


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