Friday, March 1, 2013

Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket

This spring Charlotte has been pounded with rain days almost every week. Add on to it, that January and February days are cold so it makes being outside less than desirable.

Trying to run in the rain and cold, I have had more than a few miserable experiences. The water soaks through each layer of clothing. Then, the cold just starts to settle-in. By the end of my runs, I am pretty much open to any potential solution that keeps me dry.

This spring I found "Silver Bullet" to my cold rainy days. I say "Silver Bullet" meaning the Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket. Earlier this week, I headed out for my run. The temperature was in the mid 30s, the wind was blowing, and of course, the rain was pouring down.

This jacket kept the rain out and kept me warm with just a Tech Running – T under it. I finished my 10 mile run and my Tech Running-T was totally dry on this terrible day of days. I love it when I can stay dry because it makes all the difference in the world. I have run in a few jackets where the soaking from the sweat just as bad being soaked as the rain.

The jacket is on the pricey side at $150 dollars, but I suspect it will last a long time – assuming I don't start wearing it every day.


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