Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dilworth Speed Loop – 3 x 2 mile

A couple of days ago Mike posted about a workout on the Dilworth Speed loop. The trouble was he wanted to start at 5:45. This is early. Actually, it is really earlier for me. My alarm has to go off a 4:15 if I have any hope of making at 5:45 start time. Thus, I was pretty much on the fence for attending until last night.

What the heck. Mike has come out for more than a few of my dumb long runs. The least I can do is drag my rear out of bed and go run with him.

I set my alarm to ring way before any rooster ever thought about crowing.

Charlie and Philip joined Mike and me for the run over to the speed loop. Along the way, we picked up Spada.

Through the years, I have run Dilworth speed loop many time but I had never run a 2 mile course on it.

The guys did their best to describe which streets to run but at dark thirty the streets all look the same to me.

We finish with our warm with a little loop over the last 800 meters.

I wasn't feeling particularly great. The worst case, I thought I could survive it. My legs were still tired from the heavy training last week.

Mike set the suggested pace at 6:30 to 6:40.

We headed off on the first repeat. I tried to settle-in and learn where to make the turns. It was just like old times. I was running just behind Steve.

With about a quarter mile left in the repeat, my right shoe lace came loose. I could feel it whipping again my calf. Sometimes, I have to just ignore the distractions.

Mike kept us on track - 2 mile repeat and then 2 minute recovery.

We were off again. This time I had a better idea what the course was like and I was feeling much better.

Definitely my breathing was more labored on this one.

Another 2 minute recovery passed and we were off on the third 2 mile repeat. My legs felt sluggish starting. The fatigue from last week may have been showing up. The drive to push harder was not coming as easily.

About a mile and quarter in there is this little rise. Unlike the previous two repeats, my leg just didn't have the drive challenge the hill. I settled-in and ran it smoothly. We made the final turn on to the Dilworth loop. This was my sixth mile. As much as I wanted to dig in and push, I focused on just keeping the engine running.

My last mile wasn't the fastest but it wasn't the slowest either.

I was dreading doing this workout for couple of reasons. I am not a big fan of running in the dark. It is too easy to step in a hole or miss a step because of uneven pavement. The other reason, I am really feeling the fatigue right now. Two months of nearly 90+ miles per week has left me feeling this way.

On the other hand, having some other guys set the pace and give me goal was really nice. No situation is ever perfect but workout went much better than I expected. I attribute this to the other guys in the group. Appreciate you guys letting me join in on the fun.

Wrapping things up, I wanted to include my splits from the workout which reminds me. Just for the record, Worthington is uphill. No, it isn't steep but it is straight and it does climb ever so slightly. My quads can attest to this being the case.

Open 2 mile repeat – 6:07 and 5:48

2 minute recovery

Second 2 mile repeat – 5:46 and 5:38

2 minute recovery

Third 2 mile repeat – 5:43 and 5:47


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