Thursday, February 21, 2013

20 x 400 Intervals

The sun had yet to rise over the sky line when I started making my loops around Providence Day track. Combing these predawn hours with the fact that my legs were still feeling the effects of the Myrtle Beach ½ marathon, the thought of not doing this workout did occur to me.

Mentally, I knew that I needed to make it happen so I pushed aside the mental anguish and ran the workout.

My strategy was to run these repeats slightly faster than marathon pace, but not so fast that I would be struggling to finish the workout. The first one, I hit in 1:29. Then, I proceed to clip off the rest in the 1:25 to 1:26 range. Each interval was followed by a 100 meter jog recovery.

During the first mile, I felt like I was fighting myself. I was not feeling all that smooth. But as the first mile transitioned to the second mile and the third mile, my confidence grew and I started to relax.

Because there was only a 100 meter recovery, I didn't have much time to think about it. My breathing had barely recovered, and I was off on the next interval.

Mile 4 felt better. Mile 5 my legs started to feel some heaviness to them. After all, I was basically running a 5 mile tempo at 5:40 pace while slowing for 100 meters every quarter mile.

When mile 5 was complete, I was tired but not overwhelmingly tired. I felt like I could do a few more which I will take as a good thing. Wanting to do a few more is a sign that I have more to give.

Something I will share with everyone. Running intervals isn't easy. I had to keep reminding myself by saying "this is fun", "this is fun", and "this is fun". If I say it enough, it becomes true. Right?

Now I am on to some rest days. I think that I have earned it.


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