Wednesday, February 27, 2013

20, 10, and 5 minute intervals

Every training cycle, I tend to land on a few key workouts.

For some reason, this time around I have landed on this 20, 10, and 5 minute intervals with half recovery. In the interest of over sharing, this wasn't even my workout. Megan started it a while back and ask me join.

We usually run about 8 miles beforehand and then, we launch into these 20, 10, and 5 minute intervals. By the time we are finished with them, we usually run nearly 15 miles. We finish it off with a 1 mile cool down which works out really well. I am always tired and ready to just be finished.

Before we started it this morning, I let her know that I was not feeling all that strong. My hard workout on Monday was still lingering in my legs early.

During the first 20 minutes, I ran 3.13 miles and averaged 6:23 per mile. The second 10 minutes, I covered 1.57 miles and averaged 6:27 pace. My last 5 minutes should have been faster but I had nothing left. I went .76 miles and averaged 6:34. My legs are showing the drag of some hard running lately.

Big picture running is difficult sometimes. I know I should be able to run faster, but I also realize that my body bounces back more slowly than it did years ago.

I have to keep this in mind. Keeping perspective is important.


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