Tuesday, February 26, 2013

6 x 1 mile

After the Myrtle Beach ½ marathon, I only did two serious workouts last week. The first was 20 by 400 repeats on the track and then, I completed my final really long run of 24 miles. Getting older has the ugly side effect that it just takes me longer to bounce back from hard races. Fortunately, I have also gained the wisdom to know I need to take that time if I want to stay injury free.

Okay, now that my easier week is over, I usually follow it with a much tougher following week.

I personally think 6 x 1 mile with a quarter mile recovery fits the "bill". By no means was this workout easier for me. After my two mile warm up, I launched into the first repeat. My body was still tight and complained loudly that it needed more warm up time. My breathing was labored and the perspiration popped out on my head. As is usually the case, I was searching for my "running" rhythm. The nice smooth turnover while trying to stay relaxed.

Usually, my first interval is almost a throw away. I have come to realize that my first interval is just my attempt to kick start my body and mind into the doing the workout.

After the first mile repeat, the quarter mile recovery came and went fast. My breathing was still pretty labored during the 2nd mile, but definitely my body was feeling better.

The third mile went by, and I knew the workout was half over. My mind suddenly shifted from the stress of getting into the workout to trying to finish it out strong.

Miles 4 and 5 I felt good and strong. I was still working hard but it wasn't so hard that I knew I could not finish out the workout. Mile 6 I stayed pretty much on course for first 3 laps and I tried to open it up more and finish with a pace much closer to 5:30.

A few weeks ago, I did this same workout. I averaged something like 5:52 across the entire workout. This time I averaged 5:46 for miles 1-5 and closer to 5:40 on the 6th mile. I like to think I am in slightly better shape now, but the only true indicator will be on marathon day.


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