Thursday, July 28, 2011

75 oz. of H20 per day

Monday night I met a few other runners for dinner. Not long into the dinner, the topic turned to the heat smothering Charlotte and to staying hydrated.

Honestly, I wouldn't call myself an expert. Even to point, I am probably a novice considering my most recent exploits.

Anyway, the conversation continued and the main theme followed that the average person needed at least 75 ounces of water per day.

Many of them knew the miles that I put in daily so the question came to me – "how much do you drink?". Honestly, I don't track how much water that I drink on a daily basis.

But later that night, it did start me thinking about how much water I drink per day.

So I tried to come up with a total for an average day.

Take last Saturday for example, at 5:30 AM, Mike and I ran 10 miles in 75 minutes. Okay, maybe it was a little more than 75 minutes, but you get the picture.

I was home in about 15 minutes for a quick breakfast and probably drank about 50 ounces of water. Then, I loaded up my 2 x 24 oz. water bottles and rode back to Huntersville for the Spirited Group ride. During the ride, I consumed both bottles of water.

At this point, I have nearly 100 ounces of water and it wasn't even noon. Returning home, I drank probably another 48 ounces and then mowed the yard and basically did a lot of stuff around the house. I don't know how much I drank during the afternoon but I remember drinking a lot of water.

Later in the evening, I went to see a movie, the 8th Harry Potter movie, and had a 20 oz. bottle of water.

For dinner, I had probably had another 30 oz.

Best guesstimate, I drank in excess 250 oz of water in one day.

Is that too much? Is it too little?

At no point did I ever feel thirsty.

Although, it takes me back to something Megan told me. As we get older our ability to sense thirst is decreased. At 46, maybe I should drink more water even if I don't think I needed it.



Just some thoughts to ponder from the Cool Down Runner


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