Monday, June 20, 2011

Charlotte Running Club Social

On Saturday afternoon, the Charlotte Running Club had planned their June social for Colonel Francis Beatty Park. I was looking forward to seeing some new faces and along with the familiar ones. Emily and Brian were just unpacking when I pulled up.

A few more people arrived and soon we started putting on some burgers on the grill.

That's when the dark clouds arrived and the wind really picked up. The strong winds were breaking limbs from the trees and the rain was blowing sideways. Mike Kahn offered up a "Plan B" option where we all headed for his house which was about a mile or so away. Honestly, I have to give a big shout to both Mike for idea but also to his wife who welcome a bunch of runners into her home. I just wonder how it cost Mike to make it up to his wife. LOL.

Everyone grabbed something and headed for their cars. Being that I parked the closest, when I opened my trunk, people started putting stuff in the back. Not a problem, I was happy to haul to anything and everything over to Mike's home. We all followed Mike over to his house and then unloaded everything into his kitchen and back patio.

We cranked up Mike's grill and somehow, I got promoted to grill master. First, I started with hamburgers and then progress to hot dogs. Matt brought over these bratwurst sausages. Matt said to just cook them until they were black. I guess I did okay. Matt was still walking around after eating them. Then, came the veggie burgers and salmon patties. I just kept turning them until they said they were done. Later someone added chicken on the grill.

Stan was the first to take burger off the grill. The burger must have been good because Stan was quickly returned for seconds.

But finally, I was able to slide away for a few minutes and grab a burger for myself.

I also made the rounds inside to try some of the other items. Jamie brought this rice and chicken dish which was good and someone brought banana pudding. Ages have passed since I had banana pudding so I had to have to helpings.

When I finally pulled out my watch it was a little past 8pm. 4 hours had flown by but it was a lot fun and so many good stories were told.

Getting to meet other runners outside of running can be just as nice as getting to meet them during a run. And while weather did try to rain our on our parade, from what I saw everyone had a great time.

Again, big thanks to Mike and his wife for letting a bunch up running come into their home on short notice. Also I want to give a shout-out to Emily for organizing the social. Thanks Emily.


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