Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Positive Press, No Press, vs. Negative Press

If your goal is to put on a race then, usually you want one of two things to happen. You want runners to walk away satisfied with your efforts or you want them to walk away saying good things about your race. Your worst nightmare is for runners to walk way and be unhappy with the quality of your race.

Now, no race is perfect. I believe most race directors will agree there are always little things that can be improved on from year to year.

But when the perfect storm of bad things hit your race what are you do to.

Here's my suggestion. "Man up, Cowboy up" or whatever your favorite express is. By just what these expressions mean - go before the runners and say hey, we royally screwed up. We will work to fix the issues and we hope you give us another chance next year. Most of us realize bad things do happen and after a cooling off period are often willing to give people a second change.

We just asked that accountability be accepted and blame not be redirected elsewhere.

-btw "hint" if you ever have one of the "epic" type of races.

Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner

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