Thursday, November 4, 2010

Muddy Day at McAlpine

I got up at 5AM this morning and was exchanging emails with Nathan and Megan about running at Mc Alpine. Secretly, we were each most likely hoping the other wouldn't want to run in the chilly, cold, soaking rain this morning.

But as the emails arrived in my inbox, they all indicated our run was still on.

So a little after a 6am I headed out only to find a few bumps in my cross town travels. First, I guess because of the rain traffic was terrible. Next, I missed the turn off on 74 to head over to the Old Bell entrance. So the next thing I did was locked up my front wheels and slide trying to turn in to the next parking lot. I got past this one. Then, there were two big pot holes that I missed seeing during my parking lot cut through.

So after this little adventure, I still had time to make it but had one last speed bump to cross. If you are familiar with the area, one of the connecting roads which I take from 74 over to the Old Bell entrance has a rail road crossing. Low and behold, this morning, there was a very, very, very long and slow moving train crossing in front of us.

Shaking my head, I was starting to wonder if this was a sign to turn around and go home. But I was committed to running and if Megan and Nathan were willing to run in the rain, I was not going to skip out on them.

Luckily, the train passed and I made it to the entrance in the nick of time.

Nathan and Megan came out their cars ready to go but I always swap out clothes for my cooler weather gear. I suspect it must be my way of delaying the run for just a few more minutes.

However, once we got rolling, it was not actually that bad.

The rain was falling but not too hard. The Mc Alpine trail was wet and muddy but better than on some other occasions that I have run there. And, nothing was flooded which is always a plus.

After two miles, Nathan and I started our workout of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 with ½ recoveries. On the first two intervals we ran side by side. On the third interval, Nathan has a little more in the tank and I was chasing him. On the final two intervals, it was my turn to push the pace. The legs didn't feel exceptionally great but then they didn't feel bad. Other than just being a little too cold for my liking, it was really good workout. And, I was glad that I didn't turn around and head home and that I had some friends out for this run.

We all headed back to the Old Bell entrance on the warm down to finish off my 10 miles.

Now, I am ready to face the day now that I have the hardest part behind me.


Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner


Nathan said...

Great running with you this morning, Bill. You've definitely gotten that pop back in your legs. After leading these workouts during the last two weeks I had a heck of a time chasing you down today. Bring on OBX!

Stephen Spada said...

Great workout guys, and way to persevere! Good luck @ OBX...