Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What is on my mind today

The legs and body are starting to feel much better these days. That being the case, now begins the training and racing.

I am heading to the Shamrock Marathon in March to try for another sub 2:40. But in the meantime, I will be passing the time by running a couple of local races.

Near Burlington, NC is the Run the Rock 14 mile Trail race. I have never done this race so it is should be a lot of fun. That's this weekend.

In late Janurary, Peter @ Vac & Dash pulls a group together to run what he affectionly calls the Idiot Run. This is a run to the top of Morrow Mt and back to the Albermarle Y. Last year, I measured the course to be about 19.6. The run started at 5 am and I was finished by 7:30 AM.

Note, to anyone doing this you. You should wear reflective clothing and take a head lamp. Morrow Mt. is dark at 6 AM on a January morning.

Then, in Feburary I am running in the Uwharrie 20 miler. I thought about opting for the 8 miler, but I needed a long run for the weekend so picking up a tough 20 miler sounded right. And I am going to pass on the Ultras for a while so running the 40 miler never entered my mind.

Depending on the weekend, I may do the Shamrock 4 miler here in Charlotte. I really hoping to make the marathon my first road race of the new year. But as you can probably tell, I am flip floping. Then there is the RFYL GP series. Running the entire GP series was really tiring this year, so I am not sure that I am up for running it two years in a row.

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