Thursday, December 11, 2008

Raining in Charlotte

The weatherman was right on with his forecast. The rain started yesterday and has continued into today. I hate starting in the rain, but if I get caught in the rain, I don't really mind. Getting caught in the rain is just runner's luck. Starting in the rain is just plain hard because you go from dry to soaked in minutes. :)

After nummerous looks out the door making my neck sore the rain slowed down to a light sprinkle around 10:30 AM. I took this as my queue that I need to run now.

I did some quick stretching, found some older running shoes, and some rain repellant clothes all before heading out the door in about 15 minutes.

Everything was going quite well until I hit 6 miles. Then, the skys seem to just open up. I would say that I was then totally soaked but that would not be entirely accurate. I was soaked long beforehand.

With the temps in the 60s my body wasn't accustom to - how should I say it - the warmth. Which means, I was dripping wet with sweat.

After finishing, I actually felt cold. I did a quick change out of the wet clothes and took a hot shower. For some reason a hot shower always makes me feel better. I cannot explain nor do I want to. Explaining it my cause the allure to wain.

Anyway, another run is in the books and it was a pretty good day. I guess turning 44 yesterday didn't end my running after all.

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