Sunday, December 9, 2018

Wintery Run & more

As the wintery weather rolled across Charlotte today, I couldn't resist the opportunity to knock out a 10 mile run. At first, the snow blew across my face making for a picture perfect view. Soon this transitioned to a pounding of ice pellets against my rain jacket. Four miles in to my run, a steady down pour of rain took the place of the ice pellets. The road were a snowy slush if I were running in the tire tracks. Outside of those tracks, however, I was trudging along more than running. I had opted for my trail shoes in hopes that they would provide a some small amount of traction. Hard to tell if they were really helping. My gloves grew wet, and my fingers were cold. The last 2 miles, my fingers were felt numb if one could consider numb as a feeling.

I did do a good deed today during my run. These two had their car cross ways in the road, and they were going no where fast. One of the guys crawled out, and together we pushed the car in the right direction. Not the workout that I expected what left my front door. Still, this made for an interesting experience. 

They thanked me for helping, and I told them that I was happy to help. The wintery weather is tough on us all.

Hopefully, everyone enjoy the snow today and is now safely tucked in their homes tonight.

Happy Trails,

The Cool Down Runner

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