Thursday, August 2, 2018

Training Methods

Listening to Martin talk about his training methods got me to thinking more about my own. He was telling me about doing speed work on Tuesdays, a tempo run on Thursdays, and a long run on the week ends.

Martin and I are roughly the same age so I am left wondering how he finds the energy. Maintaining an every other day hard effort requires the body to recovery fast. When I was younger, I could tolerate it, but now that I have topped 50, I do just one of those workouts, and it seems to take days before I recover.

Now, we didn't get into specifics so he might well have been describing one of his heaver workout weeks.

I know my own training methods have changed. I no longer use the track for my intervals. I stick to ½ mile hill repeats. I just couldn't take the stress of the turns on my hamstrings any more. Instead of tempo runs, I do fartlek runs on the trails. Yes, this may raise a few eye brows for some of you but I am not doing this on some silly difficult technical trail. I'll do it on something like the Thread trail or the Lake Loop trails at the White Water Center. I found that trail running consist of a lot of speeding up and slowing down. Fartlek running more closely simulates the efforts during a trail race. As for long runs, in the year and half, I done exactly 2 long runs on the roads. The rest have been on the dirt.

So far, the results for me have been positive. I have seen no discernible drop off in my marathon times and my 5k times have held study. More if not most importantly, I have been injury free.

May be the wisdom of the years is finally settling in for me, but I found fewer and fewer reasons to push up to the edge. At some point which is more important chasing fast times or staying injury free.

The Cool Down Runner

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