Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Eating while on the Run

So during my Stevest 50k+++, I experienced what most runners might call “running out of gas”. While this wasn't my first time, it was to this degree.

I had my normal pre long run meal on Friday night. Saturday morning, I skipped eating something to help keep my engine running. Then, during the first 2 laps, I was consuming my usual of gummy bears.

So the lack of proper fueling the night before, the morning of, and then not consuming enough to offset the amount of calories that I was burning, left me feeling ready to quit after two laps.

Likely compounding my desire was the heat. Nothing like being out of energy and overheating at the same time.

Martin and I were talking afterward, and he gave me a few insights into what he does. Honestly, I never even thought of using certain foods during a race but hearing him talk about it opened my eyes to the possible options.

Saturday, I was stuffing gummy bears, M&Ms, Popsicles, and slushy Coke in to my tummy to help restore my energy levels. As I described in my previous post, 45 to 60 minutes passed before my energy levels felt normal again. Before I felt like I could even run again, but then I was only doing a run walk to conserve both my energy and my ability to finish.

My experience Saturday gave me enough insight to know that gummy bears are not going to get me to the finish line of a 50 miler. Which means, over the next few months, I will need to test different foods to see what works and what doesn't. I need to avoid crashing if at all possible.

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