Saturday, July 22, 2017

Whitewater Center Trails LR #2

Ok, as thermostat pushes to near triple digits these days, getting out the sun for a run is a priority.

So, if I don't have some hotels to cast a shadow, I had better have some trees. Right?

Yes, without a question, trees do help. Thus, this morning, I headed back to the Whitewater Center for my second long run in as many weeks. This week's run started on the East Main trail, ventured to the Parkway trail, then to the Academy, Thread, and Figure 8 trails.

At one point, I stumbled upon one of the Whitewater Center Water Coolers. This must have been heaven sent because the heat and my sweating were starting to have an effect on me. I filled my Nathan water bottles, and cooled my cap with cold water before continuing.

When I started, I planned for 18 miles. After my stop at the cooler, I had second thoughts. 15 miles would bring me back to the parking lot. Rather than carry on in the heat, I made the smart move and chose to wrap my long run at 15 miles. Live to fight another day.

As the heat continues its oppression on runners of the south, our local trails may be your only relief. That is, unless you are willing to get out of heat by running at 5 AM.

Check out the Char Meck Park & Rec's page for a list of local trails. Charlotte has some amazing locations; most are only a short driving distance. 

The Cool Down Runner

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