Sunday, July 16, 2017

Street Light 5k – Concord, NC Recap

So after racing on Monday night at the Fire Cracker 5k in South Charlotte, I spent pretty much the rest of the week laying around. Thursday morning while browsing through a list of local races, the Street Light 5k caught my eye. Wild, that's tomorrow night. I was thinking that the race was next week.

Why not go race.

Fast forward to Friday evening, I headed toward downtown Concord.

The weather was typical for July. The temperature was in the mid 90s but it feels like 100 degrees. Throw in some oppressive humidity and not much wind and you have the making for a tough race – even for a 5k.

The Street Light race follows the same course as the Bunny Run 5k earlier this year. The first mile is fast, the second mile is pretty much flat along the green way, but the 3rd mile is the beast. In this mile, the course slowly climbs back up to downtown Concord. Along the way, we have a nasty set of switch backs just to make a runner's life totally miserable.

So I am finishing my warm up strides when I ran in to Brittney. If memory services me correctly, I hadn't seen her in a couple years. Not since, she was a senior in high school. She has moved up now. She runs for the UNCC 49ers XC team, and she brought a few of her buddies along with her to this race. Oh, they are going to make life interesting. I am sure of it.

As with most starts, the young guys go out pretty hard. In this case, this didn't do them much good. We round the first corner, and they suddenly break right and head down a side street.

There must have been a surprised look on my face because I didn't remember doing this any of my previous races here.

Suddenly, people were yelling for them to turn around. Having not made their mistake, I found myself in the front of the field.

We made it through the first mile in 5:33. Brittney, and her buddies were right behind me. By two miles, Brittney moved ahead of me, and her two buddies followed.

That last mile, the monkey was truly jumping on my back. My legs felt wasted climbing up the hill. Brittney put some 40 seconds on my during the last mile.

What a difference a couple of years make. She has become a stronger runner, and the training showed as she charged up the last hill.

Big Kudos to her and here 49er running buddies.

As for me, I went on to finish 4 overall and was the first male finisher in 18:56.

To wrap up this post, I want to send the Concord Park & Rec Dept a huge shout out for a job well done. I run numerous races during the year so I see the extremes both good and bad for how races are run. Those guys do a awesome job, and to beat it, they only charged $20 race day registration. That's why I believe in giving credit where credit is due. They deserve it. Job well done guys!!!!

The Cool Down Runner

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