Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hotel Shadow Running

Spent a few days enjoying the sand and the surf of Myrtle Beach this past week. If memory serves me correctly and let's hope it still does, this was my first visit to Myrtle where I stayed on Ocean Blvd.

Usually, when I visit the beach, I like to avoid the tourist traps, but this time, I signed up for it.

Looking back now, I must say that I like being able to walk easily to restaurants, the beach, and evening activities. We were even surprised by an evening fireworks show so off the pier.

But I digress here.

I kept the running light and easy this week. Rolling out bed at 6:45 and out the door by 7 AM, the sun was just high enough to cast some nice hotel shadows which helped keep the soaring temperatures at bay for a bit longer. Even better whether running north or south on the blvd, the wind seemed to be hitting me in the face. Let's face it. In the middle of summer, a head wind no matter mild is a much sort after occurrence.

Where did I run?
Well, Tuesday morning I was out exploring the lower half of the Myrtle Beach ½ marathon course. Wednesday, I explored the upper half of the course. I have run the Myrtle Beach courses numerous times but only this week did a allow myself to take in the sights of the run.

Slowing down and enjoying the moment does have it perks. Everyone should do it.

The Cool Down Runner

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