Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Horse sighting

Finishing off my morning run by Northlake Mall this morning, I pulled up at the red light by Reames Rd. 

Normally; there is nothing of interest to see. Cars transitioning to where they need to go.

This morning, however, as I pulled up to wait on the pedestrian light to clear me, here sets a lady riding horse. Yes, that’s right – a horse. And as if she were in her car, she was messing with her smart phone. May be she was checking her FaceBook account. May be she was Twitting. May be she was “heaven forbid” ‘texting’.

We have a law about ‘texting’ while driving a car. I wonder – is there a law about riding a horse and ‘texting’.

The light changes and off she heads toward the mall.

Life is never boring.

The Cool Down Runner

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