Saturday, July 1, 2017

Charlotte Summer Track - Wraps up for '17

Yes, another year of Summer Track in Charlotte has come and gone. Runners this year were rewarded with some of the best June temperatures in recent memory. This past Tuesday night, the mercury in the thermometer barely pushed over 80 degrees. The real benefit to the runners came in the way of super low humidity. Personally, I was very envious. The June weather couldn't have been nicer.

Our Summer Track wrapped up with Championship heats this week. Tim handed out medals to the top three runners in each of the events from the 100 meters to 5k. Bert took home top honors in the 1 mile while Chad took home the win in the 5k with a time just over 16 minutes.

While I would have loved to be out there running each and every event. Volunteering this summer came with its own rewards. Giving back to help Tim and Tom put on this series helped encourage them to keep the series going for many years to come. Volunteering, furthermore, gave me numerous opportunities to make new running friends and cheer on old friends who still have the desire and the speed to push their bodies. Steve and Corey showed the way for our masters group, but more impressing were the efforts of Terry and Bob. Watching them run gives me hope that the effort of going out the door for run will never overcome my desire for the run.

From me to each of you track speedsters, thank you for coming out on Tuesday's nights. Hopefully, you made some great memories and will be enticed to return next year.

The Cool Down Runner

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