Friday, December 30, 2016

St. Pete Running Company

In 2007, I ran a race in Belmont, NC and throughout the race this young kid stuck to my shoulder like glue.  Ok, as I get older everyone gets younger. It is just a fact of life. But anyway, after the race, we chatted for a bit and a friendship was born. Later that year, I ended up joining the race team they formed at the running store where he worked.

Over the years, we have run off and on together. Along the way, I watched him get married, start a family, move to another country, move back to the states, and then go on to open his own running store in south Florida.

They say - do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. Others might call it living the dream.  Regardless of how you want to describe it, Cody appears to be doing it.

So when I was in the St. Pete area a couple of weeks ago, I had to drop by his running store and check-in.

I was very impressed. He is doing quite well for himself and his family. Life is definitely treating him well.

Then, Cody always seemed to have a vision of what he wanted, and now his has found the right circumstances to make his dream a reality.

Congrats my friend, and continued success to you and your family.

The Cool Down Runner



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