Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 Year end recap

2016 started off well. I ran decently at the Frosty 50 – 25k race. I did a decent race at the Cupids Cup 5k, and then similarly at the 10 miler in south Charlotte. I’ll set the trail races at the White Water aside because, well because I have never been a great trail racer but I enjoy the running on the trails. I guess that explains why I keep going back to them.

Then, I ran 2:52 at the Wrightsville Beach Marathon. While it was not one my better races, it was still a solid race effort for me.

Then, it seems that from this point onward throughout the rest of the year, I never really found my groove. Yeah, I raced some different races but I seemed to be aimlessly moving forward with no real objective in mind.

By July, I was working through what I thought at the time was another hamstring injury but would turn out to be tendentious in my hip. I was doing the wrong treatments which just prolonged my recovery.

The rest of the year just seemed to be a march forward in frustration.

After the Marshall Marathon, I cut back my mileage and pretty much ran how I felt for the rest of the year.

The more one trains for something. The more mental effort allocated to a reaching a goal. The more body as well as the mind needs a recovery period. Having goals is a good thing, but they cannot be stacked one right after the other. Eventually, the mind burns out and the body wears down, and a recovery period is forced upon me rather than scheduled in to my overall training plan as it should be.

Whether this all makes sense or not only time will tell.  


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