Sunday, December 11, 2016

Girls On the Run 5k – Charlotte –NC

Played Parking Marshall or at least that was my title on Saturday morning while volunteering at the Girls on the Run 5k.

For those you reading this and came in to the White Hall business park via Arrrowwood Rd. entrance, yes, that was a bundled up version of me directing traffic. Jen gave me the job of keeping the cars moving into the parking lot. For the most part, I was pretty happy with my efforts. I kept shifting the traffic between the different lots so there were no backups on Arrowwood or worse on 485 as happened for the Let Me Run race.

There were 3 of us acting as parking marshals, and we were at our post starting at 6:30 AM. Up to about 8 AM, my fingers were numb. Only with the shining sun did they even feel like moving. Even those 12 hour hand warmers didn’t work very well.

What did work great was my DeWalt electric warmer jacket. A couple of years ago, my brother bought me a DeWalt Jacket which has warmer electrodes built into it much like an electric blanket. Before yesterday, I had only worn it once, and it left me sweating. Yet, at 22 degrees, it felt super nice. I just wish that the heating elements extended down on to my hands.  

Before I wrap up this post, I thought I would share a couple of interesting stories.

Over the years, I have seen more than one police officer standing outside in the cold while wearing nothing more than what looked like their standard uniform. Often, I credited them with be hardy souls. None of us could stand up to the cold like them. Saturday, I learned their trade secret. They often put their Kevlar Vest over the heaters in their cars. Not only will these vest stop bullets but apparently these vests make a pretty decent hot water bottle to wear around on a cold day.

The other story is a bit more interesting.

So during the race, the police officers blocked off the entrance into the business complex. Literally, they barricaded the road off.   Well, I was standing there with a few other officers when this driver decides to avoid the barricade by driving into the park in the outbound lane which is separated the median.

Wait it gets better. So when they get her stopped, she tells them that the officer at the barricade told to drive in this way.  It was hard not to laugh given the fact that the officer at the barricade was calling over the police radios to stop her.  Apparently, there was a disconnect somewhere.

I don’t know if she got a ticket, but she had some nice shiny blue lights flashing behind her.

I’ll bet she doesn’t attempt that maneuver again.

Ended up being a far more interesting morning than ever imagined. I guess volunteering does have its own rewards.


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