Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Recovery Time

Eight weeks of speedwork is just about the max for me. After starting my first speed session at the beginning of May, the last week of June was a good week to put a done stamp on it.

While I only raced twice during this stretch, my legs felt trashed. To the point where my quads were extremely sore. Yet, I still don’t have a reason for why they are so sore, but they are. But, this isn’t my normal soreness. Rather, it is very similar to how my quads feel right after a marathon. Where walking down steps can take a bit more effort.

So the best remedy for me is to go out and log some easy miles. Give my body a chance to bounce back to normal and feel good heading into the fall where cooler weather and good racing are usually found.
See you on the roads, 

The Cool Down Runner

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