Wednesday, July 6, 2016

One run but 2 experiences

Ok, I got a little lazy after celebrating the 4th of July, and I didn’t head out for my run until Tuesday evening.

One thing is certain these days. Afternoon runs could well feel like I am running on the sun. Leaving the cozy comfort of my house where it is a mild 70 degrees. Stepping to the curb, mind you, I have not started running yet, the perspiration is already bubbling to the surface. With each step, my feet feel like they each weigh 10,000 pounds.

Of course, I am coated with sun block, a hat, and sunglasses. Not sure how, but they seem to magnify the sun’s energy rather than repel it.  Ok, maybe the sunglasses were working but the rest definitely do not.

 Then, as if out of the Wizard of Oz, the weather shifts a 180 degree halfway through my run. The non-existent wind becomes the stand you straight up kind. Next, flashes of light and the rumbling of thunder in the distance lead me to believe I am going to get wet and soon.

Turning into the next neighborhood, I was met by a wall of water. Holding my hands over my eyes in a vain attempt to shield them from the rain, only one at a time was working, and then it only works for a few seconds after a wipe away the rain.

Of course, the 130 degree road temperature quickly turns much of the falling rain into a steamy bath engulfing my legs.

Maybe I caught a break at this point. My shoes were soaked with sweat so neither the rain nor the steam bath had much effect on them.

As quickly as the rain came, it was gone. Rolling up to my drive way there was but barely a few drops falling.

The humidity was still gosh darn awful, but at least the rain gave me something else to think about and alleviated the oppressive heat for this day.

The Cool Down Runner




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