Wednesday, July 27, 2016

CRC's Summer Track Night

Our local Charlotte weather men were calling for a temperature of over 100 degrees yesterday, and we were prepared with ice, coolers, plenty of fluids, chairs, and tents as we headed into our club’s track night. However, it was Mother Nature who kept us off balance. Several storm fronts rolled through. There was never much in the way of rain but plenty of lightning and thunder in the distance.

For the safety of the runners and guest, we cleared the track, and asked all of the runners to head back to their cars. We would signal when the all clear sign came.

This came roughly an hour later, and we kicked our events into high gear.

Aaron stepped up to organize a lot of the pre-event stuff as our meet director. Then, last night, he led our charge to get our runners through as many events as possible.  

The most disappointing part happened when a second storm front rolled through around 8:10 PM. This forced us to cancel our 4 x 400 and 5k events.

Wrapping up, I want to send a big shout out to Steve, Rich, Mike, Stacy, Gurmit, Paul, Adrian, Bobby, and Bev. My apologies, if I missed anyone.

You guys filled in wherever needed, and helped make this evening a great success for our club.

Over time, our club is slowing getting a reputation for putting on great events. Much like a lump of coal turning into a diamond, it takes time and the right amount of pressure. Come next summer, I truly believe CRC is at the right point and time to lead our local summer track series.


The Cool Down Runner



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