Thursday, July 14, 2016

Doldrums of MidSummer

Lately, I have been dragging myself through the morning heat and humidity for run and usually over the same course.

For reasons that I cannot explain, my brain will switch into auto pilot mode during these runs. The rest of my miles pass pretty much without any mental involvement on my part. Sounds funny doesn’t it. It also sounds a little dangerous as well.

So today, I switched up my course a bit. It was good thing too. There was more shade along this new course, and my body seemed to respond better during my run.

 Maybe this all has something to do with the doldrums of midsummer, but like I have always said. Change is a good thing. Change makes you better. Change makes you stronger. Embrace change as a way to reach the next rung on your ladder of success.

The Cool Down Runner

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