Friday, April 1, 2016

Guest Experience

Why is he smoking along the running trail?

With my marathon in the books for this spring and my body and mind in the need of some away time, I headed for the one place where you can literally hide from the rest of the planet. This is Disney World.

Even thou, I was on vacation so to speak, I still had a running streak to maintain so I was still heading out the door for at least 4 miles each morning.

The Port Orleans Resort has a running trail which is overall a very nice place to get in a short run. I said “overall” it is a nice trail because there are places where Disney has designated smoking locations along it. Why they would have designate smoking locations along their trail is very perplexing to me. After all, they would seem to be encouraging runners to use it because on their maps, they label it the “New Balance Running Trail”.

I guess the real reason that this struck me as odd; Disney always seems to be at least 2 steps ahead when it comes to anticipating and providing their guest experience. How they missed this one I don’t know.

 The Cool Down Runner


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