Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Foam Glow Run Recap

Checked another item off my running bucket list with the Foam Glow 5k Run/Walk Saturday night. Events kicked off around 7 pm with the pre race party. With close to 5000 participates, the Charlotte Motor Speedway had plenty of activity. The music was loud but once they kicked the base, oh, my chest felt like it was vibrating. Even 100 yards away, I could still feel it.

Then, they fired up their Foam Cannons. Now, this was an awesome sight to see. Four foam cannons shooting pink and green foam high into the air. There was so much foam being sent to the air that it looked like it was snowing. Instead of dissolving on the ground, the foam  in some places was 3 feet deep.

Our white foam glow race shirts absorbed the dye from the foam like there was no tomorrow.  Heck, even my skin was turning pink.

As we moved from the prerace party area to the starting line, my daughter comment that it looked more like a Susan B. Komen Cancer  Awareness Run than a glow run. Literally, it was a pink out.  

Once darkness settled over the speedway the race started with us going off in waves of 300 to 400 runners. Many sections of the infield were quite dark with the only ambient coming from the black lights scattered along the course.

There were 3 foam zones scatted along the 3 miles, and the foam was well over my head as we passed through them.

After the first one, I learned to keep my mouth shut while passing through the foam. It was pretty foul tasting stuff.

But it was very cool!

My daughter and I walked the entire course. Many runners went sprinting out but by 3 miles they had resorted to walking. Some were cutting the last part of the course to the finish.

Their post race party seemed pretty cool. We didn't stay long. Our cloths were soaked, and we had to hoof it back to our car to change. It was parked well outside the speedway.  

When I got where I could see my legs, they looked like I had a terrible sun burn. Even 3 days later, my legs were still a shade of pink.

Would I do it again? Mybe if my daughters asked me. It is a cool event, and it is definitely different.

It does make a nice bucket list item to check off.

One note, I don’t recommend buying the extra bottles glow liquid, or glow gloves or glasses. They spray more than enough pink foam dye into the air to turn any white shirt pink. Rather than the gloves and glasses most people were wearing the .99 cents glow sticks from Walmart.

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